Yoga Festival In Bern September 16 – 18, 2016

From 16th to 18h September 2016 / Bern –¬†Switzerland

Immerse yourself mind, body and soul, in this dynamic alignment based vinyasa practice led by the Advanced Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Jutta Ariane Mele Maurer, where you will be guided by your breath to a soundtrack of funky music, deeply spiritual mantras, natural sounds, chanting, profound silence and more. This vigorous yoga practice will focus on a specific asana family, and will be challenging both physically and emotionally. The practice will conclude with a deep, sweet relaxation and meditation.

The theme of the workshop will be inspired by the Jivamukti School focus for September 2016. The philosophical and spiritual teachings will lead us thoughtfully to a deeper understanding of the specific focus.

We will be gently reminded that through the observation of all that arises within us during our yoga practice, we can learn to apply the ancient yogic teachings both on and off the mat. Our experience in yoga class is not the final goal, the teachings and techniques we learn are there for us to make our own, and apply them to our daily lives.

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