Peace In Action – Jules Febre in Ukraine

May 18 – 22nd 2016

For the first time ever Ukraine is calling upon the international Jivamukti tribe to come together for a week of practice with JULES FEBRE!

Two evenings and a week-end, immerse yourself in the practice, chanting, satsang and take time to visit Kyiv, cradle of one of the ancient European cultures, a vibrant modern city with 1500 years history.

These are just 9 reasons why we think you should come to enjoy this amazing event:

1. It will be the FIRST EVER event in Ukraine to introduce Jivamukti Yoga, and the teachings of Sharon Gannon and David Life to Ukraine on a big scale.
2. At this special time in the world and in Ukraine – the topic for the weekend is SHANTI, PEACE IS ACTION.
3. Jules is here for 5 whole days!.. Pretty incredible for his schedule. Open classes and a proper weekend, immerse yourself in practice.
4. UNBEATABLE one-off price for these five days – just 90 EUR!
5. Discover a new amazing destination in the heart of Europe, in a beautiful spring month of May when Kyiv is at its finest. An ancient city you never knew was so close and easy to get to and really quite simply – an amazing place.
6. Infuse some of the international vibe into our local yoga community.
7. You don’t need a visa to come to Ukraine – for all EU/North American passport holders .
8. You won’t believe local prices. Food, hanging out, accommodation, even gifts for your near and dear ones!
9. We’ll take care of you, help with accommodation, transfers, finding your way around (quite a few!!) delish vegan places etc.!


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Lots of love everyone! We hope to see you here in Kyiv soon!
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Tatiana Samborskaya and Valeria Samborskaya